Mission and Values

Mission and Values
At the crossroads of Mission and Values (Photo courtesy Canva)


FCM Products is more than a sheet metal fabrication company. We work directly with the end-user, or as a sub-contractor, and are fully equipped to design, bend, punch, weld, sandblast and paint whatever product you require.

Our mission is to design and turn out the highest quality products at the most affordable prices and thereby provide our customers with proper installation with less down time, less maintenance cost, higher productivity and greater profits.

The company guarantees the production of quality products and services during each and every business transaction.


FCM Products will adhere to the following values as we strive to manufacture superior products and provide outstanding customer service:

  • Stand apart from the competition by maintaining a high standard of excellence
  • Treat every customer with professional and courteous customer service
  • Actively listen to every client’s needs
  • Take a personal interest in each client
  • Recognize every client’s time is valuable and act accordingly
  • Design products that will stand the test of time
  • Provide the best possible value for every client