FCM Products Does Its Part to Protect Texarkana Regional Airport from Intruders with New Security Fence

Texarkana Regional Airport safety fence

Let’s face it, there are always going to be individuals who are up to no good. There is no sign in the world big enough to keep people from trespassing on your property if they aren’t inclined to obey. That’s where custom security fencing comes into play, and when you need it, FCM is ready to build it.

The photo above showcases one such fence. We built this one for the Texarkana Regional Airport over a creek on their property. Because of its unique design, intruders are prevented from crawling under it.

At 40-feet wide and approximately 12-feet tall at its center, it is an imposing structure to be sure, and when completed, it will have chain link fencing with razor-wire attached to it on both sides.

We constructed it with 54 vertical 6-inch and 3-inch steel pipes. It also contains two W12-inch structural steel beams, one running horizontally across the enter of it, and another at the creek bottom that is encased in concrete.

One of the things we love most about this design is its durability. Amazingly sturdy, it should stand up for years to come, despite high winds or even flooding.

However, water may eventually erode the smaller pipes with rust. When that happens, we can easily replace them by removing the formed channel on top. Then the smaller pipes can be lifted out and new ones installed.

If you’d like us to design and build security fencing for your property, contact us for a quote today.