FCM Products Is Ready To Roll [PHOTOS]

Heller Plate Roll

Our fully hydraulic Heller four roll double pinch plate bending roll is perfect for making cones!
(Photo by Pat Fink, FCM Products)

Sometimes our clients are surprised when they learn what kind of equipment we have in house and what we’re capable of doing with it. So we thought we’d give you a look behind the curtain at one of the newest machines we have here at FCM.

In case you need metal rolled for your next project, to create a metal cone for example, we have the equipment to handle it! Our Heller four roll double pinch plate bending roll is fully hydraulic. We purchased it from a company in Tarzana, Calif., but it was built for us in Italy by a company called MG.

This top-of-the-line machine can roll down to 1.1 times the top roll diameter when rolling at full length and 60 percent the rated capacity. So what are you waiting for? Let us quote your next big project today!

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