FCM Rebuilds And Restores Damaged Equipment

Conveyor Frame and Hopper

Conveyor Frame and Hopper (Photo by Pat Fink/FCM Products)

FCM Products rebuilt this hopper and conveyor frame to replace a 40-foot section of conveyor frame and make other repairs.

Interstate Construction Company uses this portable unit to transfer sand or gravel into a cement concrete mixing process used for concrete highway construction work.

The overall length including the hopper is approximately 60 feet. This is one section of two parts. Another conveyor frame hooks onto the upper end this one to extend the length needed to reach the mixing area.

The design on these sections includes a motor to operate the conveyor and an axle and set of wheels, electrical for lighting, pneumatic connections and a king pin so large trucks can hook onto it to make it portable, so transport from one job site to another is easy.

This particular conveyor was used on a job site in Oklahoma last year when a tornado came through the area. The conveyor was in the storm’s path and was picked up and thrown around until it sustained substantial damage putting it out of operation until it could be rebuilt.

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