Meet OSHA Standards with Metal Lock Boxes

Aluminum Lock Box

Pat Fink/FCM Products, Inc.

Use a metal lock box during your lockout/tagout procedures to protect your employees and save lives.

When you have a machine that needs repaired, you don’t want the power to turn on unexpectedly during maintenance. That’s why OSHA requires companies to turn off the power and put a lock on the breaker switch. When this happens, employees need to put their lock and key somewhere.

Our aluminum lock boxes hold both. Put the original lock and key in the box, and everyone else can attach their lock to the box during the repair. A sign hangs by the machine declaring what maintenance is being done, and operation won’t resume until everyone has taken their lock off the box before it can be turned back on.

Lock Box for James Hardy

Pat Fink/FCM Products, Inc.

This is the standard procedure, although methods vary from one company to the next.

We custom designed and built these boxes for James Hardy in Dallas, Texas. Constructed of aluminum, these have a scratch-resistant Lexan window for more durability.

If your company needs lock boxes, contact us and we’d be delighted to build them for you too. Just send us your measurements and needs, and we’ll design them to your satisfaction. We’re anxious to make your company a safer place to work.