Hard At Work In Orange, Texas

Manuela Santifer removes old guard

Manuela Santifer is pictured here removing an existing guard from the refiner at International Paper’s containerboard mill in Orange, Texas (Photo by Pat Fink, FCM Products Inc)

FCM Products’ team replaces lots of industrial guards in paper mills around the country. Our skilled technicians take out old products to prepare for custom replacements.

In the photo above, our public relations and safety coordinator, Manuela Santifer, is pictured removing an existing guard from the refiner at International Paper‘s containerboard mill in Orange, Texas.

Once removed, the equipment is then measured and new aluminum coupling guards are designed, furnished and installed. These new guards are safer and restrict exposure to moving parts that could be dangerous if staff came in contact with them at the wrong time.

In addition to safety, our new custom guards provide easy access for maintenance purposes.

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