FCM Makes Great Companies Look Even Better

Domtar sign
FCM Products does what others can’t. When Domtar had trouble finding someone to create this custom sign, we stepped up to the plate. (Photo by FCM Products, Inc.)

Have you ever thought to yourself that your company’s name would look good in lights? Now just think how awesome it would look in light, glass and metal! That’s exactly what we accomplished when we built this custom back lit sign for Domtar in Ashdown, Ark. 

Visitors to the mill may have seen this dazzling sign mounted on the wall in front of the mill manager’s office, hanging just across from his secretary’s desk. But you probably don’t realize what went into making this sign (or as we like to say, this ‘work of art’).

The installation features the Domtar logo and name, then states “It’s in our fiber to be…” and showcases three words and symbols that truly represent the paper company:

  • Agile (indicated by a cheetah)
  • Caring (indicated by a man planting a tree)
  • Innovative (indicated by a clipboard with a bright idea)

All of the letters were cut out of quarter-inch brushed aluminum using a water jet cutting machine.

We went to New Orleans, La. where we had three-eighths-inch tempered frosted glass specially cut just for this project. It was then mounted on four aluminum studs that went through the glass.

Finally, the glass is lit from behind by LED lights, which illuminate the letters. There is also a string of lights that encircles the sign, giving it that ethereal ‘halo.’

We’ve heard that this “stunner” really catches visitors eyes when they come to the mill, which was just what we were going for.

Do you want to wow your clients too? Contact us and we’ll show you how we can impress them with a bit of razzle dazzle of your own!