Out With the Old, In With the New [PHOTOS]

FCM replaces a filter rack at IP Mansfield

FCM helps companies like International Paper replace old, rusty parts with brand new ones that are built to last. (Photos by FCM Products, Inc.)

From time to time, the equipment at paper mills sees so much wear and tear that companies simply have to replace old equipment with newer parts. That recently happened at International Paper in Mansfield, La. 

The filter rack on the number one paper machine had seen better days. First of all, it was made with carbon steel, which isn’t always the most durable material to build with as it rusts easily, and boy did this rack have some rust!

Our crew went in, removed the old rack and replaced it with a shiny new stainless steel one. Fitted with a pleated pre-filter inside a carbon inner filter, this device is used to keep the press motor cool. And now it can do its job in style!

Stainless steel filter rack at IP Mansfield

A different view of the stainless steel filter rack FCM built for the International Paper mill in Mansfield, La. (Photo by FCM Products, Inc.)