Light Up the Night With A Custom Pit Grill

Custom stainless steel pit grill

FCM built this custom pit grill for a customer, featuring his name and an Arkansas Razorback in the side. (Photo by FCM Products, Inc.)

Cool nights are the perfect time to gather around a pit grill with friends and family, chatting, laughing, grilling tasty eats and enjoying the night air. So why not do it in style?

We were recently commissioned to build this stainless steel custom fire pit for customer Woody Corbell. Not only did we create it to last, but we emblazoned his name and an Arkansas razorback hog into the side of it.

“It looks really cool with the fire glowing through the sides,” he says. Undoubtedly, this makes Woody the talk of the town, at least among his friends. Wouldn’t you like one of your own?

Of course, we can create yours with anything you want on it, whether that is your name, favorite college mascot, etc. As we always say, “if you can dream it, we can build it!” So contact us for a quote today!